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I have a remote long-term part-time opportunity for a digital graphic designer. I just started a small agency in New York, and I have more requests that I can personally work on. I'm looking for a freelancer with experience in graphic design to:

1. Replicate a specific drawing style. In the two pictures, images of women were redrawn with an oil brush. (You'll need to be comfortable with nude work as seen in photos)

2. Use layers to draw black line designs of a specific images, then apply various styles of designs

I'd provide you with all the base photos, you'd be responsible for redrawing as per the client requirements. Pay would be per work completed and there's the opportunity for increased pay & consistent long-term work once things pick up more.

If you're interested please let me know what drawing program (photoshop or sketchbook would be great but as long as you can get the job done it doesn't matter for now) you're using and send me some samples of your works. I'm including some of my art as this will be along the lines of what I need someone to be able to do.

Hope to hear from you soon

In Solidarity,
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